Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skipping Halloween

Just like Christmas, Halloween is a borrowed holiday in Japan and has gotten quite important in the past few years, in the decorations and costumes sense. Trick or treating is not commonly done, but I've seen young children in my (shall we say affluent) neighborhood going from one house to another collecting candy, so I think some small communities are organizing them.

I was never a big fan of Halloween ever since my mom dressed me up in a kimono in kindergarten- I was so upset that day, because I wanted to be a cat. I remember drawing whiskers on my cheeks and making some kind of cat ears, resulting in some kind of kimono-clad cat. I was so stubborn in wanting to be a cat- I guess I haven't changed much since then.

I decided to skip Halloween this year- I am quite tired and bored of the big club events, I did not enjoy myself that much last year, so I don't need a repeat. I would rather go to a house party or smaller event, but it's a bit unheard of here. I did put on my cat costume and snapped some self-portraits to be silly, so unless someone drags me out of my room and forces the cat ears on me, I'm staying put with some writing and books.

I did have a nice stroll around Shimokitazawa, soaked up the festive air and caught a glimpse at some costumes- somehow Halloween Day was today in Japan, unlike the 31st (probably because it falls on a week day) I highly recommend coming to Shimokitazawa on Halloween, it's very lively and colourful... and I got my fix.

In other news, I'm dying to try the Halloween doughnut edition from Krispy Kreme called "Skreme", but I'm too embarrassed to go by myself.

I still have a few days...

PS- Now that the weather is chilly, I can shamelessly stay home and watch endless movie marathons. My friend Chris, who is a film writer in Tokyo, recently started this excellent website on which he reviews the latest movies, including repertoire selections. He has interviewed a handful of pretty famous people too, so check it out and bookmark it as he updates it frequently!

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