Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Sports Day

Pony at Hokkaido Festival
I wanted to ride it but pretty sure I'd crush it

Monday was a national holiday, to celebrate Health and Sports Day 体育の日. It commemorates the opening ceremony of the 1964 summer Olympics in Tokyo, and promotes sports and an active lifestyle.

In honor of this healthy day, my friends and I spent the day eating at various outdoor festivals and I baked brownies and vanilla cupcakes. Ooops. I promise I'll run later....

The Hokkaido Festival at Yoyogi Park was the one I was looking forward to the most all summer, and I woke up on Monday determined to eat miso ramen. Sadly, everyone else in Tokyo had the same idea, so the queues were insane. All the food looked delicious but we couldn't wait that long. I caught a glimpse of the pony (I love horses!!) and I was fine, so we left and got take out burgers from Arms, the best burger joint around Yoyogi Uehara, and some frothy lattes from Little Nap Coffee Stand.

We had a picnic in the park, which ended up so much better than eating ramen squeezed in between the population equivalent of my hometown.

Here are some food photos and a few random ones thrown in there, because it was a pretty fun weekend.

Shibuya at 7am... so empty
(NOT after a night out!)

Friday night Japanese fast food
It's hard to keep secrets.

I baked brownies

I baked vanilla cupcakes

I mostly gave the baking away
to some happy friends

Arms burgers at Yoyogi Park
on a chilly October afternoon. Bliss.

Capturing the lion-esque state of my hair
+ no makeup (gasp!!)
What is happening to me...?!

Gorgeous coquelicot red my lovely friend
Mayo brought me back from HK


Principessa said...

I have to give my baking away too or I'll eat it all. :o

Christine loves to Travel said...

mmmm ramen..comfort food! Love your new nail polish.