Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lost in thought.

Lost in Translation (in Odaiba)
Many thanks to the photographer.

Those past few weeks my blog has been getting quite a bit of attention, particularly from a Japanese news site, and while I do love reading positive comments and wonderful letters from new readers, I've been shying away a bit, as the news site seems to get some things lost in translation- literally.

To me, this blog was always a diary, and will forever remain so. I like to be honest and keep a personal tone, and share tidbits of my life in Japan. I am not an expert on anything Japan-related (except perhaps finding an apartment, locating cool cafes or surviving rural Japan!), but I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I'm still learning so much every day about the culture- whether I like it or not. I'm still deeply involved in a little love affair with this country I made my home, and Japan has me wrapped around its finger.

October has been interesting, and it's maybe my favourite month, but I'm not sure yet. The weather is perfect, and I've happily transitioned into knits and tights. I was given a wonderful work opportunity, to interview famed copywriter and Nintendo game creator Itoi Shigesato, one of the most influential cultural figures in Japan and writer for an (almost) daily news website.

It's Fashion Week in Tokyo, and the American Apparel runway show and party I attended last night was impeccably delicious, with lots of mini burgers, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, champagne and gorgeous babes- boys, girls, everyone. What else can we expect from the hipster chain...

I've been working hard and entirely savouring the small bits of free time I get here and there.

Ready to interview with Hello Kitty (just kidding)
How professional.

Aoyama dori at dusk

Ippudo ramen, from Hakata

A healthy lunch set of broiled salmon in Roppongi.
'Healthy' and 'Roppongi' do not go together.

Dean & Deluca has the special Halloween sleeve

American Apparel party: champagne, burgers, ice cream and hipsters

My new favourite cafe in Shibuya.
I want to write here every day.
A shrine, soothing.


Christine loves to Travel said...

I love the way you write Vivian, keep it up :)

I am drooling over the bowl of ramen. I have not found a really good ramen place here in Toronto.

Vivian said...

Christine, thank you so much for your kind words, always!! I feel so blessed to have such amazing followers! I hope you can find decent ramen.... I wish I had a recipe, but it seems tricky to make at home!!

Come to Japan!! xx

Christine loves to Travel said...

I want to go so badly but so little vacation time here in Canada!

I wish Japan was only 3 hours away :(

Betina said...

Hey Vivian, I can certainly understand why you want to keep the blog low key these days. No need to explain that :-) But would you maybe consider sharing one of your awesome playlists with us? I'm in desperate need of new inspiration for my running playlist, and where better to find the inspiration than here on your blog. Keep up the good work - can't wait to hear about your next adventures in Japan :-)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, Vivian. Keep up the good work. I've been in "Godzilla's playground" (*^o-*) since 1989. Maybe even longer than Samurai Shonan! As foreigners and bloggers here in Japan, we are all trying to find a voice. It always helps to know that others are going through the same experiences and to read about them, even better to find out that someone is listening to what you have to say.
By the way, I noticed in your tags a reference to The Bell Jar. It is one of my favourite books. Kudos.
Cheers, J