Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hi, Canada

As Canadian as crepes + baked apples?

I rarely get homesick. In the three years I've been in Japan, apart from usually missing my family, close friends, and specific events (especially in summer or Christmas), I've never felt homesickness- that feeling that I had most of the year I was in Korea- when it would physically hurt, I would dream I'm home constantly, and crave foods almost daily.

I haven't had much of that (if any at all) in Japan, as I find myself feeling more at home here. It does not mean I have forgotten about my roots and my home. In fact, I can only think fond things about my home, and I'm looking forward to visit it again soon.

This weekend marks Canadian Thanksgiving, and I've always loved that holiday. It's always that second weekend of October, when leaves have completely turned deep shades of orange, red, and yellow, and it's the last bit of gorgeous autumn weather before the snow and bitter cold comes (usually not too long afterwards).

I find myself especially missing home today. My mom would always cook turkey, along with all the traditional accompanying dishes: cranberry sauce, bread-based stuffing, gravy, salad, and lots of wine. And maybe I'd bake my favourite dessert, sucre a la creme- oh so French Canadian. Much sadness today.

This weekend also happens to be a long weekend in Japan. The weather is acting up, between sun and rain and hot and cold. I've mostly been a homebody, but I wandered around Nishi-Shinjuku and Azabu-Juban those past few nights, taking photos and being silly. I want to share them soon, because I love those shots so much, but not yet!

Now it's time to bake something...

Alien encounters at Tokyu Hands

Trying on a comfy bed in Tokyu Hands.
The staff insisted I use the blanket.


Kristina said...

looking forward to see pictures from your evening strolls. hope the homesickness goes away quickly - it is such a nasty feeling!! x

philly said...

Hello back to you from Canada, Vivian. I know exactly what you mean about not missing "home" all that much in Japan. Then wham! Something hits. If it's any comfort to you, as so often is the case, I'm "home" missing Japan.

The autumnal colours here are not as intense. The untidy gardeners in the lakeside park chopped back the blackberry vines and widened the pathway leaving an unsightly mess behind. No Japanese pruners would do something like that. Everything is always impeccably groomed. I could go on.

Christine loves to Travel said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving Vivian! The crepes looks yummy ;)