Saturday, October 27, 2012

2am ramen

Mid-night snack

Ramen is my go-to late night (or early morning) food. Although the last all-nighter I pulled was probably about five months ago (hey, I'm good now!), I do still enjoy a steaming bowl of ramen, post-drinking or pre-bed.

The partying Friday nights are long gone now, and have been replaced by a much healthier ritual of onsen visits, promenading around my local area, and hanging out with my favourite Tokyoites. Last night we were craving ramen at 2am, but the nearest shop near my house was closed, so instead we settled for some packaged noodles from the convenience store.

Surprisingly, the options are impressive. Different types of ramen, udon and yakisoba are offered, and even regional specialties of Japan. We picked the conbini version of Hakata ramen, the type found in Fukuoka. Inside the box, pouches of broth, sesame seeds, ginger, and dried meat we found. We put everything in and added water, and had a feast on some neighboring steps.

It was actually quite delicious and the quality of the noodles and toppings was quite superior to what I was expecting. And for ¥195 a piece, it's much cheaper than the real deal (still doesn't compare... but desperate times call for desperate measures).

I highly recommend trying the Hakata ramen from the convenience store, it was a tasty 2am snack.

Ps: If you're in Tokyo, don't miss the Tokyo Ramen Show, going on now!!

It took a long time to make!

Shamelessly slurping those noodles and making a noise. YES!

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