Thursday, September 20, 2012

Washi Paper and Cats

Traditional Japanese paper washi

I had an interesting past few days, as I like partaking in random activities, and my daily Tokyo life has been punctuated with fun little stints. September also means typhoon season, so heavy rains and storms have passed by, but did not last too long. Typhoons used to scare me so much as we don't have anything quite like it in Canada, but I'm slowly becoming used to them.

A few days ago I went shopping for some traditional Japanese paper called washi 和紙. This kind of paper is made from using the fiber of bark of a tree called gampi, but also other elements such as bamboo, wheat or rice. Washi is used in traditional arts, and to make origami figures. I was delighted by all the gorgeous, intricate patterns available. I highly recommend picking up washi as a souvenir if you visit Japan.

I also ate a delicious Jamaican meal of jerk chicken, rice and banana chips in Ebisu- I can never eat enough Jamaican food! My friends and I also feasted on pizza not once, but twice in the past few days, so a lot of running is on the agenda for this week.

In other news, I caught an ear infection. My usual doctor wasn't available, so I saw an elderly, kind Japanese doctor. He blamed it on visiting the onsen (he made me point out the date that I had visited on the calendar), so he prohibited me from going to the onsen in the next three days. He also made grand gestures telling me, "no alcohol, not hot foods, no baths, no stress". I'm pretty sure he also said no sex, but I was too embarrassed to ask him to repeat.

I instagrammed a cat. He lives near my house.
I pet him every day.

Best and cheapest pizza in Shibuya!

More washi

Rows and rows of colorful paper

Jamaican meal, yes please.


Principessa said...

Are you going to tell me where I can get that pizza?

BTW I visited Notting Hill Cakes. OMG, so worth the almost hour long trip!

Vivian said...

Awesome!!! Notting Hill is so cute and wonderful!!

Pizza is in Shibuya- across TGI Fridays! Try it, it's excellent!!

Rachel Anastasia said...

Oh man are ear infections common from onsen??? I went to one the other day and now I want to go EVERY DAY. So amazing.

Vivian said...

Rachel, I'm not sure! According to him, they are! But who knows.

Christine loves to Travel said...

Hope you feel better Vivian! How does one get an ear infection from onsen?

Love the papers! So beautiful :)

Anonymous said...


Leah said...

Your encounter with the doctor sounds hilarious! My trips to Japanese doctors still haunt me.

Leah said...

Your encounter with the doctor sounds hilarious! My trips to Japanese doctors still haunt me.

Unknown said...

I go seriously every two weeks, and haven't gotten an ear infection once in the five years I've been here. So I'd say don't worry!

Jacquie said...

Hello! Do you have a favourite washi shop in Tokyo?
I'm planning on visiting many when in Japan next.