Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stormy September

A cicada landed on my foot. Goodbye, summer.

In a few hours we'll welcome October, and a strong typhoon is making my house shake as I'm typing this. I don't like tropical storms, especially growing up with only snow storms, which I find soothing and peaceful.

Since my gyoza and udon exploit the other night (who knew a random Tuesday night in my kitchen would end up in the Japanese national news?!), I've been re-creating basic Japanese fare and thoroughly enjoying it. My latest obsession is miso soup, packed with heaps of vegetables, tofu and a handful of noodles. I could live on it.

With autumn rolling in, persimmons have also arrived. Persimmons are my favorite fruit in Japan, and I can't stop eating them. Last fall, my neighbours kindly gave me a basket of persimmons from their tree. The summer heat has gone, so I've started running again almost every day, and it makes me happy and unwind- something I really need lately.

And, chilly days also mean seeking comfort and warmth, so I've been hiding at the onsen near my house. On Friday, I ate sushi at my favourite restaurant, Sushi no Midori, then I had a nice relaxing soak at the onsen (and um, some Mr Donuts somewhere in between). I wish every Friday night was like that, because it was perfect.

Knits, leather and tights

Persimmon is called kaki 柿 in Japanese

My homemade hearty miso soup

I did not eat all that sushi... I promise

Mr Donuts loot
Honey, angel cream, and chocolate dipped.

Cicada close-up.
It was set free and not harmed!


Christine loves to Travel said...

I made the gyoza and it was amazing! Thank you again for the recipe :)

Last night I had a big bowl of miso soup with veggies and gyoza. Soo good!

Nicole Marie said...

i only had a persimmon for the first time last season!

and look at you making homemade miso! hmm maybe i can find stuff to make that here... probably not.

Vivian said...

Christine- you tried to make it!!! that's fantastic!! glad you enjoyed!! xo

Nicole- Ha, you may or may not find it in Spain....