Sunday, September 9, 2012

Late Summer Diary

We made friends with a meat-loving cricket

It's approaching mid-September, but the thermometers are reminiscent of mid-August, and it's time to squeeze in all that's left of summer. Even though my social life revolves around my laptop and the ideas in my head, I've managed to venture out of the house a few times.

Last night was Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Tokyo, a mad dash around all the swanky shops of Omotesando and Aoyama, trying to accumulate as many freebies and cocktails as possible. To be quite honest, my loot was a bit disappointing (not to mention a significant lack of bubbly), but I got my hands on a gorgeous zebra-print scarf designed by Kate Moss for Longchamp. I also posed awkwardly in front of Miu Miu for a street style bit, and sauntered about in high heels, which I quickly traded in for flats.

A few days ago I visited an onsen (read my friend Tom's excellent post about the onsen culture in Japan) nearby. I had the most relaxing soak, I lounged on the rocks and felt deeply relaxed afterwards, all traces of stress gone away. I had only been to onsen once or twice before, always feeling a bit uncomfortable and unable to relax as there are so many rules to remember (all the while being naked), but this time I managed to go through all the steps smoothly. I must make this a weekly pilgrimage.

I also researched the gorgeous, newly renovated Daimaru department store near Tokyo station (hey, that's part of my job!), an area I never frequent. It's a bit out of the way, but it's beautiful and the view on the Imperial Palace is stunning. I had the chance to have lunch at Rose Bakery inside the Comme des Garcons shop, best location ever- I could ogle the clothes while noshing on thick bread and a veggie pizza.

Lastly, my first freelance effort for The Japan Times was published a few days ago, a concert preview which was fascinating to research and especially fun to write. Even though it's a small blurb, it's The Japan Times (!!) and it makes me want to jump around and shriek in delight. Silly me managed to mix up the dates and buy the wrong issue- maybe I got too excited.

Latest challenge: learning how to relax.

Hi, Mom.
I have a bit too much in common with Holly Golightly

Myself, and friends Mayo and Steve enjoying a last beer garden

Tom never fails to crack me up

Comme des Garcons + Rose Bakery, Marunouchi

A writer's bible + veg pizza

Impromptu Longchamp models

I love this scarf!


Principessa said...

Rose Bakery! Yes again!

fiel-kun said...

Random blog hop :)

French Lover said...

So... what was the song? ;)

Christine loves to Travel said...

Congrats! Love the longchamp bags!

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