Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ikenoue Mornings

Pretty manhole cover + fallen cicada (if you squint)

My walk to the train station, early morning. The days are still very hot, but nights are getting a little more brisk. Even though I despise getting up with an alarm after too little sleep, I love being out in the early morning. Everything is peaceful and quiet, until I get on the train- Tokyu Den-entoshi line, I'm pointing the finger at you. Otherwise, my mornings involve pleasant things like text messages with my favourite Aussie girl, seasonal fruit (pears are in season now, and I'm anxiously awaiting the persimmons next month), tuna rice balls (never thought I'd ever crave fish for breakfast), my latest book (the art of writing, hope I learn something), music playlists (sixties French music lately), leftover pancakes (crepes, rather), and sometimes coffee if I feel like it. I do prefer cold green tea in summer.

I just wish I could get myself to sleep.

Counting sheep?


French Lover said...

Sometimes, the husband and I dream of leaving everything we have in Canada and move to Japan for a year. Or more. How I wish.

Christine loves to Travel said...

Fall is definitely coming!