Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi, September

Costume National, Aoyama

Over the course of the summer, things in my life have changed completely. I've been quite serious and hardworking, and I was offered amazing opportunities (and new responsibilities), which motivates me to work even harder.

A few days ago I had the incredible chance to interview Italian designer Ennio Capasa, creator of one of my favorite fashion houses, Costume National. I've always been a devotee of the brand, particularly loving the shoes, demure creations, and scents.

I met him at an event held in the fabulous Aoyama boutique a few days ago- to be honest, I had no idea I'd get to interview him, but when the opportunity suddenly presented itself, I gulped down about three glasses of champagne, read the history of the brand on Wikipedia, and took a deep breath. Mr Capasa was so warm and lovely, and I was a bit starstruck- I think any fashionista could relate. I did open the interview by mentioning I'm half Italian, and that magically did the trick.

I swilled about three (?) more glasses of champagne afterwards, as my glass kept constantly being refilled- blame it on the attentive staff. It was actually a really fun fashion event, as it was held outside on a balmy summer night. Not to mention the swag bag, with an actual tee-shirt.

So, that sums up lately I think; many great things happening in every aspect of my life, but a lot of hard work. I think I'm finally reaching some of the goals I had set for myself when I first came to Japan, which are so important to me. My social life is hanging by a thread and I apologize to my friends for not being around as much, as I'm having a bit of a hard time managing everything and adjusting to a new pace, but I'll find my stride sooner than later.

I like swanky little parties

So girlie: pink dress, ribbons.

New work.... work work work


Chongmal Cheongju said...

Omedetou gozaimasu on your exciting new opportunities! So thrilling!

Clara Turbay said...

Good ideas!

Christine loves to Travel said...

Congratulations Vivian for all your new opportunities!