Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Equinox

It's autumn = tights

Like clockwork, autumn showed up suddenly on a Sunday morning, with heavy rains, washing away all traces of summer. Abruptly, it became chilly, and I added tights and a cardigan to my outfit. I love fall, it's my favorite season, with spicy aromas and snug knits.

In other news, the incessant rain also means bad news for my futon. I made the mistake of washing my whole bedding and drying it out in the sun, but it got soaked with rain while I left it unattended. For the past two days I've been sleeping without any blankets, and the cold nights have kept me awake. Silly me!

Sometimes Japan drives me completely out of my mind, even after living here for almost three years. The futon incident made me feel so inadequate and helpless- something that is such an unremarkable event on the scale of life gets blown out of proportion. Maybe it's just a reminder that I do live abroad, as it's sometimes easy to forget as I feel quite at home and settled in Tokyo.

I'm trying to forget the disaster that was today, and how much I was looking forward to come home, and eat kaisen donburi, a rice bowl with fresh pieces of fish on top (tuna, salmon, roe, egg, and garnished with ginger and pickled garlic). I never thought I'd one day dream of raw fish as comfort food.

Take-out kaisen donburi from the Tsukiji shop

Random omiyage from Kobe, did not know that bear was famous


Principessa said...

I have those moments all the time but I'm still a noob here.

I've been dying to put on my tights! It was really quite chilly on Sunday.

(BTW I think we posted at the same time. Funny.)

Judith said...

A rained on futon is a completely justifiable melt down. Those things are expensive!
I can't believe you're already busting out the tights and cardigan, it's still too warm here!

Unknown said...

It's the KoBear!!!
He's always hanging out by the train station... or at least a man wearing his costume is.

Unknown said...

Julie, by the way.

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