Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Slow Summer

Summertime + lollipops

After a shaky past few weeks and some changes in my plans, July quietly faded away to open the door to a (probably) more adventurous August. I lazily savoured those peaceful, scorching past couple of days, and spent countless hours lounging on the grass at Yoyogi Park, listening to the sounds of cicadas, and roaming around the city, hunting for treasures.

In a few weeks, I'll have been living in Tokyo for a full year, which seems incredible, but looking back I'm quite pleased with everything I've accomplished and I feel so lucky to be here. Tokyo has been a whirlwind from the very first day I stepped off the Shinkansen, brandishing my polka dot backpack and cluelessly looking for my house.

I'm finally taking that train journey to my beloved Shikoku this week, and it feels like I'm coming home. I need udon, rice fields, and mountains, it's been too long and Tokyo will wait for me. I'm forever thankful for cicadas outside my window, fresh peaches, and shameless idleness.

I really haven't been up to much.

In other (unrelated) news, I'm back to studying Japanese, and I'm wondering if listening to podcast lessons in my sleep with help speed up the process or just give me restless nights. In all seriousness, I've been cramming and trying to overcome my shyness when it comes to putting together sentences. I don't want to live my Japan experience half-heartedly.

Cappuccino at Rose Bakery, Kichijoji

Tokyo blue skies

Not being boring at Yoyogi Park

Yeah, Sid Vicious sings the truth (sometimes)

Mameshiba is one of my favourite characters.
It's not quite a bean, not quite a dog, but it's cute.

Riding my favourite line, Yamanote.

Hidden oasis in the midst of Harajuku

Oh I love gardens so much.

Ikenoue at night, I love my neighbourhood.


3yin said...

hi just started reading your blog and im loving it. i hope i can travel to japan one day and be there for a year to experience the culture.

good to know you are studying japanese as well!

Neo said...

I've been having similar ideas (listening to Japanese podcasts while resting or before sleep) -- did you try "My Japanese Coach" game via Nintendo DS?

It's a fun way to study and there are many levels where you play games AND enhance your Japanese. It's, actually, FUN FUN FUN and it's possible to do this over your laptop with an emulator (which is MUCH easier than it sounds, I promise)

There was this website that had a very similar approach to studying called, though I haven't used it much since they changed their domain name