Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cakes + Strawberry

Today I ate a delicious and beautiful vanilla cupcake

This week, I've been on a quest for the best cakes in Tokyo (found some wonderful cupcakes but suffered from sugar rush), and I've been getting creative at making bento (lunch boxes) for fun, equipped with a strawberry shaped lunch box. I've also been writing nonstop, confined to my room with my MacBook (it's getting quite old, and I'll have to bid farewell to it soon, but I cannot imagine parting with the object where it all started), snacking intermittently on wheat cereal and honey, and drinking too much milk. I've been reading countless magazines and browsing blogs and listening to the entire content of my iTunes library. This summer has been so slow but in the most favorable way.

I keep thinking I should go out more but I'm (not so) secretly enjoying being a homebody. The air is too hot and stifling to run, even at night, but I consider the heat a natural sauna, therefore the best way to stay slim with all that cake consuming. I want the chilly weather to return, because I miss running so much.

Wishful thinking? Wish me luck.

Strawberry Bento box

My bento is filled with fruit 

If you have any favourite cakes and sweets shops in Tokyo, please let me know in the comments or email me! xo


Christine loves to Travel said...

I love your bento box! And that cupcake looks delish :)

Komainulock said...

Hi 비비안!
This is what I will recommend you to try.
As I know you like Japanese sweets, so I bet you'd like the place.
Among many stores of Toraya(虎屋)I will recommend you to visit the Tokyo midtown store(東京ミッドタウン店).
These are sophisticated and cozy places. However, it's a little pricey.
Have a good time!

Fashimi said...

That bento box is AMAZING!!!

All the best with the cake hunt. I could think of worse research!

Vivian said...

Komainulock, many thanks!!! It's extremely helpful!!! I will go visit there, and I really appreciate your help!


Komainulock said...


This has nothing to do with sweets. However, one more thing that I'd like to recommend is the Festival is called Kitazawa Hachimangu maturi北沢八幡神社例大祭 (signaling the approach of the cooler autumn months.)

Sorry only in Japanese.

There will be many stalls on 1st and 2nd Sep (I recall 2nd Sep is the main event of the festival) in Kitazawa Hachimangu. So if you have some time and are interested to see local Festival in Ikenoue I recommend you to be there with friends in Yukata.:)

Vivian said...

Komainulock- Thank you so much!!! This information is amazing, I'm actually going to write about this festival for my magazine! I'm so happy! I can wear my yukata! I will attend this matsuri.... Many many thanks for introducing me to the best treasures of Shimokitazawa and Ikenoue, I feel very thankful you are a reader of my blog.

Principessa said...

I read your article on Gaijin Pot. Thanks for the recommendations. I went to Rose Bakery today and just loved it! Will be back.