Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August, Obon, Literature

It's mid-August, the temperature has reached unimaginable peaks, it's Obon holiday (a Buddhist tradition, when many Japanese people travel back to their hometowns and ancestral family places), and I'm happily avoiding the heat and chaos.

Perhaps a summer hibernation repeat? I'm amazed at how much I'm selfishly enjoying being confined at home. Reading, running, lots of writing, and quality time with my closest friends. Sometimes I can see how spending a year by myself in rural Japan has made me love and appreciate my alone time, something I never used to be comfortable with.

She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring.
-Zelda Fitzgerald

The shortest my hair has ever been. Summer!!!

My new favourite café, Fuglen.
A Norwegian hideout near Yoyogi.

Arms burgers near Yoyogi Park.
Is it wrong to eat a burger mid-run?

Orion is a beer from Okinawa.
Short of traveling there, I've been eating Okinawan food.

It's hot.

I do frequent the Shimokitza Starbucks quite regularly.
My Japanese book is called "Genki", I'm almost finished.

This alpaca is decked out in yukata.
Takamatsu supermarket, where else.


Noire said...
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Noire said...

Your hair looks great!

MoreThingsJapanese said...

Okinawan food is delicious! I suggest papaya irichi! Also, the burger question depends on your cultural perspective ;-)

Nick said...

Michiko's cousin!!!

Anonymous said...

I got into "alone time" after traveling by myself for a year. Although spending time with other people is also important, there is something so peaceful about being happy in your own company. I don't blame you one bit for hiding out and curl up with a good book. And Tokyo in summer--that's what I call hot! I loved Tokyo but would not love to go back during that season.

Love your blog!

Vivian said...

Noire- Thank you!! I love getting my haircut, it's like therapy.

MoreThingsJapanese- I want to learn more about Okinawan food!! I like it all so far, and I'll defnitely try papaya irichi, thanks for the tip! And as for the burger, whatever.... haha.

Nick- I know!!! There was a yellow one, too! They're everywhere!!!

Pigeonthego- Thanks for your kind comment! I'm glad you can relate, I think we can gain a lot of independence from traveling and living alone. Indeed, Tokyo is sooooo hot now....

Vanessa said...

Lovin' the hair, girl.