Friday, July 6, 2012

Park Hyatt Tokyo: New York Grill

Myself, Mats and Asa having a laugh in the elevator

My experience living in Japan has given me wonderful opportunities, and has also put me in touch with even more wonderful people. Through my travels and writings, I've had the chance to encounter Mats and Asa, a sophisticated and artistic globe-trotting couple hailing from Sweden. We first met last summer in Osaka, exactly a year ago, where we spent a hot and sunny afternoon exploring that concrete jungle, iced coffees in hand.

Fast forward one year later: Mats and Asa came back to Japan, a place they know quite well and love as much as I do, and this time they invited me to join them at the iconic New York Grill at the Tokyo Park Hyatt, the very place where Lost in Translation was filmed (I'll never stop with the movie references... never).

We shared some delicious cocktails over our shared love of Japan, in the most magical setting overlooking the Tokyo lights, with some live jazz music in the background. Being there made me feel like I was in the movie, but without the lost in translation part, as Japan is my home now.

Of all the upscale bars I've frequented in Tokyo (the parking lot across the convenience store doesn't count...), I can easily say that the Hyatt features the best mixes. My favourite cocktail was a French 75, which is a mixture of Champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar. Anything bubbly always makes me feel so poised and elegant. Another concoction I tried was a New York, which blends whiskey and pomegranate purée. I highly recommend trying those. We accompanied the divine drinks with their signature crispy duck fat French fries (not one, but two orders, as they are so scrumptious).

It was lovely to catch up again, this time in a totally different setting, which made me realize how things have changed since last summer. I remember how lonely and smothered I felt in Osaka, whereas in Tokyo I feel quite at home, happy and more accomplished, and surrounded with friends. We had a lively and fun chat, topics ranging from Japanese culture to architecture, fashion designers and our mutual admiration for Christopher Doyle and Wong Kar Wai movies.

I'm very thankful I had the chance to meet Mats and Asa in Japan, as they are very inspiring people and I hope to keep traveling the world like they do. We promised that next time we'd meet would be in Scandinavia, and I am very much looking forward to re-visiting that gorgeous part of the world.

Thank you for a magical evening!

I think I belong here.

View from the 52nd floor

The décor of the lounge space

We were trying to guess where Bill and Scarlett were sitting

Pure magic

The hotel is quite swanky but sleek


Emelie said...

What a night! :) how much was the drinks? do you have to dress up fancy smanshy? (:
Love lost in translation, haven't watched it seens I came to Japan, maybe I will get a different feeling watching it now!

Vivian said...

Hi Emelie! The drinks are more expensive than a piece of clothing from Forever 21. I think they start at ¥1900, and there is a table charge of about ¥2500, so make sure you save up your yennies (or get invited if you're lucky....) It's all worth it though, it's beautiful and it will make for an amazing memory.

There isn't a dress code, but I highly recommend looking nice as it's quite swanky and Japanese people always look so put together, so definitely wear your loveliest dress :)

Yuri said...

The view looks beautiful! I am glad you were able to go to the bar and enjoy yourself with your friends :]