Friday, July 13, 2012

No shirts, no shoes, no dice.

That's not the pool we went to

One of the things I miss the most about home is our swimming pool, and the summer days spent playing around in the water and sunbathing with a book. I also used to love swimming at night, right before going to bed, as it would make me so sleepy.

I don't get to do much swimming in Japan, so I got excited today when my friend Tom suggested going to the municipal swimming pool. It was an unbearably hot and sticky afternoon, the kind that makes you want to jump into a lake, so instead we concluded a few hours at the pool would be refreshing.

Pools in Japan have many rules, which are different from back home:

- No books
- No handstands
- No diving
- No sunglasses
- No accessories

I was a bit disappointed to not be able to twirl around much and to take off my beloved delicate chain (how the lifeguard spotted it from across the pool remains a mystery), but thankfully swimming caps were not obligatory so at least something was great. We had fun paddling about and swimming a few laps, and having a walking and running race (I only won the running one) in the water. I learned how to be a human flag (don't ask) and had a failed attempt at synchronized swimming.

Swimming is definitely a hidden workout: it's exercise without thinking too much about it, and it's refreshing on a hot day. I highly recommend visiting a municipal swimming pool on hot and humid Japanese summer days.

Here are two more tips to keep in mind:

-Don't eat a doughnut right before swimming
-Wear a one-piece swim suit (save the bikini for the Shonan beaches)

And, of course, always shower before entering the pool.

I had such a fun day, I feel so relaxed and I think I will sleep very well tonight.

I definitely did not eat that.


Nicole Marie said...

wait... you're not allowed to bring a book to the pool?? that's the strangest thing?! what are you supposed to do while laying out??

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Emelie said...

Where is this pool? (: would be really nice to go there! and what does it cost?

insted of today (うみの日) I went to the beach saturday last week, but you weren't allowed to go in to the water! super weird.. it was in Kasai Rinkai Koen, next to Disney land.

hope you have nice うみの日!

Dustin said...

That's a bummer they kill all the fun with too many rules. I've noticed the Japanese can be so fixated on eliminating risks of minor injuries that they ruin the experience. Anyway, great Japan blog, I'll link it on mine!

Miyan said...

wait. what? no sunglasses? no accessories? huh??!

fly far blog

Mountaincat said...

Thats why I am not going to swimming pool. I need my books with me.