Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Hot Summer

Cloudy and muggy like my head

As the temperatures are quickly rising to the likes of a sauna, I've been mostly hanging out around my room, armed with my favourite summer things: peaches, pears, tofu and seaweed salads, cold noodles, history books, Japanese language books, silly television series from New Zealand, chilled green tea and lacy dresses. My days have been punctuated by short attempts at running (I consider 3K in this heat a small success), a visit to the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art (please catch this exhibition if you want to play Godzilla in a small scale Tokyo, complete with a destroyed Tokyo Tower), and hours spent at caf├ęs, because my room gets a bit boring.

If you're more adventurous than I am, beaches provide a nice alternative to laying on the floor of your room (not that I've been doing that...), and there are some popular Japanese foods that are eaten in summer to keep cool, such as eel. I managed to put together a little survival guide for summer in the city, which you can read on the Tokyo Weekender website (bonus bikini photo if you scroll to the bottom, but I'm more inclined towards the Miu Miu dress myself).

I think the arrival of pears to my local supermarket were the highlight of my week, but here are some other things I did, other than keeping track of seasonal fruit:

I ate the most marvelous falafel...
so amazing I want to keep this location secret.

I walked around a small Tokyo
Museum of Contemporary Art

I pretended to be Godzilla
and destroyed Tokyo Tower

I had breakfast at Dean & Deluca Shinjuku
with Tom, who can be seen buying pastries

I looked at delightful rows of pastries
Dean & Deluca has the highest quality in Tokyo

Dyptique scented candles reminded me of what Canada smells like

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The Only Blonde in Osaka said...

Ooh what's the NZ tv series you've been watching? =D
I love eel so much! I didn't even realise it was an only in summer thing! Now I'll have to eat more to make the most of it...