Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Typhoons in Japan

Last typhoon I kept busy by cutting out some shorts

Typhoons 台風 are a common occurrence in Japan, unlike back in Canada where they are nonexistent. A typhoon is the strongest kind of tropical storm, with severe sustained winds and strong rainfalls. Yesterday in Tokyo was an important typhoon, my third one since I moved to this city: one last September, one last April, and one yesterday.

I find typhoons very scary and unsettling, a bit like earthquakes, because it's something we don't have back home. I'm comfortable in snowstorms and find them soothing, but slowly I'm getting acquainted with typhoons and am learning to relax a bit, amidst the shaky windows and doors, while I secretly pray my old, traditional house will survive.

Somehow, something interesting always happens during each typhoon. For example, in the April one I was stuck at Mike's (Prince Ness) house while he was emptying his apartment to move to Canada, and we could not get out so we just drank every single remain of liquor he had lying around his house, and just fell asleep on the floor out of boredom (and drunkenness). When we woke up the storm had ended, and it's one of my favourite memories now.

I usually am luckily home and keep myself entertained with writing and texting friends, and checking train statuses. Last night I actually took a walk in the storm, which wasn't as bad as it seemed from indoors. I just hid under my hooded sweater, no umbrella necessary, and slipped on my rain boots. It was actually incredibly calm and dark and empty, and I loved it so much.


Kellina said...

I am glad to know you are okay, Vivian! xo

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