Monday, June 11, 2012

Tokyo Fridays (and Sundays)

Sunday night antics: a small squid landed on my tights

In June, I have toned it down on the big all-nighters and instead have chosen to spend quality time with friends, and indulge on some tasty eats and early evenings spent outside. The nights are warm enough to sit outdoors on the curb without getting chilly, and I've been liking the balmy summer evenings spent with friends in this jungle of a city.

June was kicked off with First Friday Harajuku, a monthly event that takes place in the narrow winding streets of Harajuku, every first Friday of the month. The event is a gallery hop and art walk, as well as fashion and culture walk. On the occasion, select shops feature DJs and performers, and offer free drinks and promotions. It's a great way to browse some of Harajuku's most unique shops and art galleries, and to hear the local talents. And well, free drinks on a Friday night is the best incentive to not go straight home and crash. 

Another Tokyo favourite of mine, Hindu Love, is back (sans Prince Ness) and is now called simply Hindu, but the music remains just as fun and upbeat and I can't wait for the next one. 

I've also been enjoying going out on Sunday nights, which is the best way to end the weekend and start a (sometimes not so) fresh week, as it really beats the Sunday night gloom. I've been working very hard lately, and feel like I can't have as much fun as I wish, but the Sunday nights out, occasional burgers and karaoke are essential to keep me in good spirits. 

And it all pays off, in the end, doesn't it?

First Friday Harajuku
DJ booth inside 55DSL shop, fun beats

Skateboarder inside 55DSL shop
(you know how much I love those boys)

Time for some browsing with the boys

The turntables of Hindu

Rob and Gui forever Hindu masters

A rejected name for Hindu Love

My signature cat, which I drew on the provided canvas

Gorgeous fashionista Maria

Forever framed, the best Hindu Love poster of all

I was introduced to Gogyo ramen in Nishi-Abazu
and I've been dreaming of it ever since
Goma tonkotsu black ramen
the tastiest I've ever had, surpasses Ippudo

Eloise was visiting from Australia!!
We ate at Chinese Café Eight in Shinjuku

Tom (personifying appropriateness) and Eloise

Gordon has been working out
(he got this for ¥100)

Sunday night ended at a low budget karaoke in Meidaimae.
I was skeptical, but the 9/11s impressed me once again.

Can you guess which song we rocked?
Hint: it's not a latin one.

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sheelie_in_X_sharp_minor said...

hi dear! it's Sheela, hopefully a future PKC teacher. I'm planning to go back to school I think, not sure what yet...but I need to get my confidence back with teaching and kids and all things in-between.

Hope this is easier way to keep in touch, I totally want you to show me your favourite things about Japan if you're still there when I come! ps, oh my - a real squid landed upon you?! are you vegan or vegetarian, that would have been very interesting indeed! otherwise u could just eat it, hehe