Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Musings + Music

Playing DJ and pondering life are things I like to do

As my stint in Tokyo is now approaching the one-year mark, I'm faced with the endless questioning, as to whether my life in Japan is real life or just a daydream, and when is the expiration date. As restless as I am, I have not been in one place longer than a year lately, hopping from Shikoku to Osaka then Tokyo, and part of me is craving a bit of stability. Yet, stability is scary and comes with responsibility, and I'm selfishly holding on to my freedom and independence, which could possibly end if my life in Japan comes to a conclusion.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about how my experience in Japan had been one of the most independent and carefree times of my life, as well as the healthiest, yet unhealthiest times. I don't want Japan to ever end, as I know I would miss it so much it would physically hurt. I don't want to make a decision just yet but my ambitious self is always out looking for more, and it's making me sleepless in Tokyo.

In the meantime, it's summer, and I will enjoy all of it in form of mindless fun. Last night, American magazine SOMA, for which my friend Mike is Tokyo editor, had a launch party dubbed "Love to Pose". In each issue, young creative Tokyo minds dress up and pose as their artistic icons, and last night all the models and their friends gathered at Trump House for a night of music and dressing up.

I had the chance to DJ and pose as Sofia Coppola, and I made sure to include a bit of Phoenix, Sonic Youth, and some ethereal summer sounds in honour of my style and artistic muse. Highlights of the night included a gorgeous young Madonna by my friend Yurie, as well as Nylon model Jillian Kate posing as Grace Jones, and a blinged-out Run DMC by my friend Jason. The cream of the crop, however, was the 9/11s, who went all out with their Nelson/Winnie Mandela (that would be Gordon) and M.I.A. (Tom) costumes, in the most hilarious and upbeat performance.

Cheers to another fun soiree, and some incessant chuckling over a 6am gyudon breakfast in Shibuya.

That is what Sofia Coppola would have picked in my closet
c/o Yurie, thank you!

The line-up

To this day, I still think Trump House
is the most gorgeous venue

The DJ booth is not as scary as it looks

A young Madonna by Yurie

Jillian Kate as Grace Jones

Daft Punk, complete with the masks 

Bryan as S├ębastien Tellier

Jason as Run DMC, and Mike as Liam Gallagher

Tom in his M.I.A. costume. Pure brilliance.

Nelson/Winnie Mandela and M.I.A.

The sweet marinated beef strips taste best at 6am
whilst playing the airplane spoon feeding game

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catkin and teasel said...

Tom and Gordon seem to have blown everyone else out of the water with their costumes! I'm not surprised ;)