Saturday, June 23, 2012

Breakfast + Brunch in Tokyo

Baker's basket at Le Pain Quotidien,
special thanks to the lovely Mai for her warm welcome

After weeks and weeks of extensive research, looking for all the breakfast fare Tokyo has to offer, my story came out yesterday, gracing the cover of one of Tokyo's most important English magazines, Metropolis.

My first cover! Waaaaa

I did spend the last few months eating the most delicious food in Tokyo, but despite the glamourous aspects of that kind of writing assignment, it wasn't an easy task. First of all, the idea of a Western breakfast is a bit of a new trend in Japan, so fresh whole wheat bread, eggs Benedict, muffins and bacon are not the easiest to come by. I had to scratch the surface, to find out that indeed they exist, and they are probably even more delectable than anywhere else in the world. As with everything else, when Japan does its own twist on overseas favourites, they do it amazingly well and with the utmost attention to detail.

A traditional Japanese breakfast is composed of broiled fish, miso soup, and rice. To be fair, fish is not exactly what I crave first thing in the morning, and even though young Japanese typically consume bread and coffee for breakfast, options are limited: the bread is white and pillowy, the fruit is scarce and overpriced, and the coffee canned. Yet, I unearthed Tokyo's treasures and found such delectable fare, and with breakfast being my favourite meal, I wish I could eat it all day long.

Read about breakfast in Tokyo here... many thanks to all my friends whom I dragged out because I simply had to try a specific place and photograph every angle of my meal (Tim, this one's for you). A special mention to the lonely nights spent writing at home, which are finally paying off, and it's hopefully the proof that I do a bit more than just partying in Tokyo....


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MoreThingsJapanese said...

Congrats on the piece, a great read! Makes me want to take a trip up to Tokyo for breakfast!

Leah said...

Way to go, girl!!!

Emelie said...

I just found your blog on bloglovin, happy to find persons behind Metropolis magazine! :)
I love metropolis magazine and especially the breakfast article :) ekimoni is my new favorite word ;)

omedeto gozaimasu :)