Tuesday, May 22, 2012

While you were out....

Hong Kong

I'm leaving for Hong Kong in a few hours. I want to swim, see pandas, and eat dim sum.

The 9/11s and myself

While I'm busy feasting on delicious fare, shopping and making friends with giant bears, my friends The 9/11s will take over Lost in Translation and indulge you with some of their favourite Tokyo bits. Tom and Gordon have been readers of my blog for a while now, and they can perfectly imitate my style, which never fails to crack me up. They also know Tokyo very well, and are always out and about doing fun things.

They promised me sophistication and culture-related entries, as well as a few surprises thrown in the mix, and I trust them to entertain you (and enlighten you!) with their posts. 

Hello, Hong Kong. I know you'll be as good, and probably better than Chungking Express.


Nicole Marie said...

have so much fun!!

Kristina said...

have a great time, hongkong is a fabulous place!!