Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer style: Hair by Watanabe

Once again I wanted to rave about Watanabe Hair Dressing in Harajuku, and the best stylist in Tokyo Kenichi Momoi, who never fails to manage my thick mane. This time he cut my hair a bit shorter than usual, in anticipation for a hot and muggy summer, and the upcoming rainy season. I love how he always knows exactly what is best for my hair, and he's such a hair genius that he guessed which shampoo I use just by the smell of my hair (L'Occitane) and noticed I had given myself a kindergarten-scissors trim when gum accidentally got stuck in a strand of hair a few weeks ago (let's not get into that story)- he knows hair!

If you live in Tokyo, I highly recommend Watanabe Hair, for how professional and detail-oriented they are. The service is always so friendly and the atmosphere relaxed, and after a particularly horrible day I got lost in a sea of lavender essential oils, conditioning treatment and massage. They cater to the foreigner crowd, all the stylists speak English and some have trained abroad. I noticed it's quite popular with the Japanese clientele as well, so they can please everyone.

In other news, being back from my Hong Kong holiday is not so fun even though I ate lots of fruit this week (mangoes, strawberries, cherries, bananas). I have bad Japan days sometimes. Tokyo can be a bit stressful, sometimes I feel like I'm constantly struggling to make it here, but it never lasts. Usually a haircut, new nail colours, Photo Booth, a run and a hamburger can fix it.

Summer edition: Tentation on fingers, Delight on toes.

Click here for the map and information about Watanabe Hair. Ask for Momo!

Thanks, Momo!!

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