Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shibuya Trump House

I deejayed with the 9/11s

The perfect way to end a rainy Golden Week happened last night at Shibuya Trump House, with a little deejaying fun and a performance by the excellent Drums of Death, the London-based producer of famed artist Peaches.

It was a typical Tokyo night out, complete with street drinks, a hopping dance floor, cozy quarters, friends, conbini snacks, and a first train home. I was honoured to join the 9\11s behind the booth as a guest DJ, and I picked a Peaches song as a wink to the featured artist, as well as to the movie Lost in Translation (I can be quite predictable).

We also paid tribute to Adam Yauch by dancing to the rhymes of the Beastie Boys, which was the soundtrack of my teenage years, and well, the soundtrack of a whole generation.

My gorgeous friend Mayumi, "Aerobics Girls"

The Control boys played an excellent (mixed) set of 90s bangers

HMS Control, always so good

Conbini break for some refreshments

Tom drank a mysterious pink substance

The Rickey is maybe our new favourite drink

All the fun takes place behind the DJ booth

Ben Berry, "Shitty Wife", played a high- energy set,
so good I stayed until sunrise

Trump House is gold and mirrors galore... loving it.

Kicking back on the gold sofa + gold shoes
The 9/11s and DJ Mash, from Osaka

My top matches the Trump House décor

I played "Fuck the Pain Away" by Peaches

I wonder what was so funny. Me pressing play?

Many, many thanks to the 9/11s and their unforgettable introduction and shout out to my DJ name, which I can't bring myself to repeat on this blog, as it would be completely inappropriate.... but that's our style. 

And thanks to Natsumi for the pictures !! 


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