Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Planning a first trip to Japan, via Tofugu

My first time in Tokyo, 2008. I had a fringe.

I remember my first trip to Japan: I hopped on the ferry from Korea, and crossed the pond to Fukuoka. It was the very first city I saw, and I immediately fell in love. I spent a few weeks backpacking all over Japan, staying in all kinds of accommodations ranging from traditional ryokans to youth hostels and capsule hotels, and riding the Shinkansen for an unlimited amount, thanks to the JR rail pass.

I receive frequent emails from readers and friends who wish to visit Japan, inquiring about the best places to see. Planning a trip to Japan can be difficult, as there are so many sights that should not be missed. I think Japan requires frequent trips in order to see all of its different sides, but for a first visit it's best to see the major spots.

Tofugu is one of my favourite blogs about Japan, it's full of information about learning Japanese and fun cultural tidbits, and Koichi just wrote an excellent and exhaustive post about planning a first visit to Japan. I think he covered most places and suggested a great itinerary for a short 1 or 2-week trip, so please read it if you are planning a visit to Japan. And I think more visits to Japan are essential if you want to stray off the beaten path and see the countryside.

If you're not planning a trip here, read it anyways, it might convince you to come visit me.

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The Only Blonde in Osaka said...

That was a great article, thanks for linking it! I love daydreaming about all the places I'd take my friends and family if they came to Japan for the first time.