Thursday, May 3, 2012

Osaka Nights, Mornings, and Farewells

Vivian & Nick, Osaka!!

And, another goodbye in Japan, my dear friend Nick is leaving the country after a pretty long stint in Osaka. Even though I lived in Osaka for only a few months, we forged a lifelong friendship.

As much as I tried to sugarcoat it, I was absolutely miserable in Osaka- the city itself is great, but I moved there without knowing anyone, and spent there some of the loneliest and emptiest moments I've ever had in my life.

Yet, Nick came along and we immediately hit it off, and spent every single day together, at work and after work: morning breakfast at Mr Donuts (high class), Friday night bagels and coffee (our secret escape), canned drinks on the Hankyu train line, roaming around Umeda, fresh onigiris, lazy mornings at the Hommachi Starbucks, late nights lounging on the grass at Utsubo Park, and numerous hours spent at his apartment making YouTube videos and an array of cocktails using a baby bottle for a shaker (cucumber melon, anyone?!). I keep fond memories of riding my bicycle to his place, and of all the messy situations we'd always get ourselves in: we are both very playful, and we'd always come up with the absolute craziest little schemes, such as the Apple store mission and the closed conbini incident- both major successes, obviously.

Nick made my stint in Osaka an unforgettable one, and he made me grow to love that city. He made me feel so comfortable, was supportive of my move to Tokyo, and cheered me up on my last day in Osaka when I had a bit of a drama in my empty apartment (I'm still embarrassed about that one). We kept in touch daily between Osaka and Tokyo, and I'm sad to see him go but I am so happy for him and know he'll do extremely well wherever he is in the world.

All the best to you, Nikku. xo

I cut the other girl from the picture, yeah!

Tanabata in Osaka
"Free drinks, aaaaallllll night!!"

Nick and Michiko in Osaka

Michiko was shipped all the way to Tokyo
to be with me

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