Friday, May 4, 2012

Kamakura + Enoshima

Enoshima Beach

This morning, feeling quite ambitious, my friend and I decided to brave the Golden Week crowds and the dubious weather for a day trip in Kanagawa prefecture, to visit the ancient capital of Kamakura.

It was a purely spontaneous decision, and we set off in early afternoon for the one-hour trip south of Tokyo. We never quite made it all the way to Kamakura: due to Golden Week, the Enoshima Electric Railway (or Enoden) was insanely packed, and we had to queue for the train, so we just got off around Enoshima beach and had a wander around the gorgeous area: strong waves, surfers, and sand all made it difficult to believe we were just mere kilometers away from crowded Tokyo.

And in true Golden Week fashion, all cafés and restaurants were full so we abandoned the idea of brunch and instead settled for convenience store fare (sandwiches and crisps) along with some (canned) mojitos, our new favourite drink- so summery! Our beach picnic turned into an Enoden picnic as it started pouring rain, but it was probably the best part. The mojitos made the overcrowded train ride back bearable, and eased my stress level (and that of the poor high school boy squeezed against me).

Reluctant to go back to Tokyo, we stopped in Yokohama for a little sightseeing and a proper, non-conbini meal. Despite being a close neighbour, Yokohama is so different from Tokyo, as it's wide open, tree-lined and bears a harbour. We walked around the red brick warehouses, breathed some marine air, had a scrumptious late afternoon brunch of banana and ricotta pancakes at Bill's (which is one of my new favourite places to eat breakfast!), and indulged on a few more servings of bottled sweetness, for an authentic escape.

I love those spur-of-the-moment adventures, and I love them even more when things don't go quite as planned, but somehow turn out to be even more fun.

And Kamakura, I'll see you another time. Not during Golden Week!

Salmon onigiri for the Tokaido line

The Enoden line, it's very quaint and cute

Enoshima Beach and grey skies

The best day trip (and crowded train) companion

Best escape from Tokyo

Banana and ricotta pancakes at Bill's, please try them!

Yokohama Harbour


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The picture of you on the beach is my all time favourite. You look sooo super sexy!!