Sunday, May 13, 2012

Japan Map

Nerding it up.

One of my goals while being in Japan is to visit all 47 prefectures. I barely visited half so far, but it's a good start and I believe it can be achieved. I printed out this map and coloured the places I've visited, and the blank spaces are a motivation to start planning more getaways, perhaps in summer as it's my favourite season to travel. Living in Tokyo now gives me a better access to all the northern prefectures, a region I haven't tackled much yet.

Where have you been in Japan, and where should I go next?


Kristina said...

I have never been to Japan, but it is on top of my travel list. I will definitely go the next years while I live in Australia and it is kind of close (haha, only kind of). Love your little map, nohing nerdy about it :)

Susie said...

Now that springtime is here, Sendai is getting very pretty! I can recommend a trip up here. Maybe not the craziest party town, but lots of lovely walks and gorgeous scenery!

Susie said...

Or Hokkaido. I've heard it's gorgeous in the summer, and I'm hoping to go there this year maybe. You can get the ferry up, which takes a long time but is overnight and was a pretty fun way to travel :)

artslondonblog said...

I've heard that Okayama is nice this time of year...Also,Yakushima is amazing.