Monday, May 14, 2012

Inokashira Koen

Inokashira Koen, Kichijoji

Inokashira Koen is my favourite park in Tokyo. It's located in the neighbourhood of Kichijoji, a lively area which is quite similar to Shimokitazawa: lots of secondhand and vintage shops, cafés, as well as unique little boutiques.

Inokashira Koen is located mere steps away from the station, and literally is a peaceful haven in the midst of the bustling adjacent streets. The park has a bridge and a large lake in the middle, on which you can  ride pedal boats and giant swans. Last summer, Isabel and I had such an amusing time riding around in a swan, especially in the summer heat when you can splash around a bit (and have your kind housemate take photos since three people cannot find on a swan, sadly).

The park also features a small zoo, which I haven't had the chance to visit, but I doubt it has exotic animals, perhaps only the farm kind.

Sunday was one of those gorgeous, early summer days, so a handful of had a leisurely picnic on the bordering grounds: mojitos (the canned kind, what else), crisps, and delicious home made chocolate cake. We lounged about until sunset, then sleepily headed back (for pizza and wine), as sunbathing does require quite a lot of energy it seems.

I want to spend every single Sunday there.

Trees, lake, fountain

The small zoo: still a mystery

Bring a leisure sheet, the grounds are grassless

The path surrounding the lake

Swan parking lot

Mid-afternoon lake is bumper cars-like

Beautiful sunset

The day started with Bear Pond iced latte
but they made me switch to something stronger

My dirty socks at the end of the day + picnic sheet


Azra said...

That iced latte looks DELICIOUS. Maybe it's because I'm hungry. Great pics too :)

Sienna said...

korea looks beautiful

Vivian said...
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Vivian said...

Sienna: it's Japan! but um, thanks!

Nicole Marie said...

you better believe i'd be in one of those swan boats!

Beth Roeser said...

Ugh this made my stomach hurt! I had so many good times there. I hope you're hitting it late at night, too. Also hold up, is there Bear Pond in Kichijoji or did you bring it from Shimo?

Vivian said...

@beth: i think of you every time i go there! i know how much you loved it. will go at night, have not been yet!!

and yes the BP was from Shimo, I took it there :)

tokyo misses you. xx