Monday, May 7, 2012

Golden Week in Tokyo: Photo Diary

This sums it all up

Golden Week came and went, and my city holiday turned out to be great. Two years ago, when I lived in Shikoku, I also spent GW in Tokyo, as a visitor, and it was a memorable time with my Montreal friends. I clearly remember returning to the countryside, hopping on my bike, and feeling quite overwhelmed with sadness. That's when I coined my infamous quote, "It smells of boredom and rice fields". 

This time around, things are different as Tokyo is my home, but I'm still getting acquainted with the city (and loving it more every day). This holiday presented the perfect opportunity to explore the local and surrounding areas and to find more treasures. I also completed a lengthy research for an upcoming article on breakfast and cafés, which was the best (and most difficult) assignment so far. 

It was fun, it was sleepless, and it was a blurry whirlwind... it was Tokyo.

I do miss the smell of the rice fields, sometimes.

 Haçienda music festival in Oiso: pure madness for two days

A swimming pool and a beach, hello summer.

Nicolai Bergmann NOMU café in Aoyama, a peaceful spot

A soy and mango smoothie + oatmeal cookie

NS Building in Shinjuku
"Meet me in the Sky Tunnel"

GW was rainy for the most part

We had another "Let's Party" at La Pausa
Thanks to Tim for the photo art

I received Michiko by post, from Osaka

I went to Enoshima Beach and had a tentative picnic

The 9/11s opened for Boys Noize at Sound Museum Vision

We hung out at Family Mart, while they gentrified themselves

I took more outfit pictures, and I deejayed
(read: pressed play)
I ate a delightful breakfast wrap at
Good Honest Grub, in Ebisu

I ate a wonderful brunch avocado + feta salad
at Las Chicas in Aoyama

I visited my favourite coffee shop in Tokyo, Omotesando Koffee

Best coffee ever, I almost want to keep it a secret

I finally, finally found cupcakes in Tokyo
at Tokyo Plaza Omotesando

I had a fun girlie day filled with smoothies and cakes
and new friends- thanks, Wee!

 Thank goodness I'm a runner.

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Desmond Webster said...

You look so happy there. The food pics are outstanding.