Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Golden Week 2012: Tokyo

Golden Week 2011: That's what I did.

Golden Week just rolled around, which means a string of (non) consecutive public holidays, including the Emperor's Birthday, Children's Day, and Greenery Day. It also means crowds of families traveling across the country, sky high train and airplane fares, and overbooked everything.

We all know that Golden Week is best enjoyed at home, or at least somewhat locally to avoid crowds,  queues, and overspending. This year, the nonstop rain caused us to cancel island camping plans and instead enjoy a city holiday, which can only mean fun in Tokyo.

Yet, I don't want a repeat of last year in Osaka, when I had major cabin fever and spent GW taking outfit pictures, mixing florals, and questioning Osaka. I doubt this will happen now,  as I really love my life in Tokyo and have a fun group of friends, and endless plans.

I do still mix florals, but purely out of pleasure.

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