Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tokyo in Bloom: Best Hanami Spots

Early hanami at Shiba Koen

Shy flowers at Meguro River

If you are in Tokyo during this gorgeous season, click here to read about my best hanami spots picks, a piece I wrote for Tokyo Weekender.

My favourite so far has been along the river in Nakameguro, especially at night with all the lanterns. The sakura are still in full bloom for another few days, so I'll go soak in some more of that euphoria and report back with some photos and tales.


Paul Nogas said...

I was at Meguro River Yesterday. Gorgeous! But there's not really any place to sit or lay out a tarp.

Anonymous said...


artslondonblog said...

I've been wondering why the blanket/tarp is so essential. If you just sit on the grass will people think that's a bit gross?