Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tokyo Events: CONTROL No. 5

Tonight, my friends Mike, Matthew and Jake of HMS Control (or the Control Boys, as I like to call them) are throwing the fifth edition of their ever excellent acidhouse/Madchester party, Control. The venue is Trump House in Shibuya, which is cozier (read: more fun and snug) than its sister venue Trump Room.

Control is one of my favourite Tokyo parties, as the music is always brilliant, the crowd fun and snazzy, and the party has an overall playful vibe with highly danceable tracks and smiley face stickers everywhere.

The DJ line-up is splendid as usual: tonight features special guests Taar (Rock Trax/Feed) and George from up-and-coming Tokyo band Mop of Head, alongside HMS Control, who never fail to disappoint with their Manchester sounds. Other artists to look forward to include French boys Horse Is Not Mobileset, fellow Canadian Bryan (the) Butcher, and my dear friend and talented artist Rob Judges.

It's Saturday night, it's springtime, put on your dancing shoes and head out to Control for a high-energy little all-nighter.

I'm still debating about where I'll sport my smiley face sticker. Shoulders?

Photos by Jacob Hodgkinson

Trump House (map)
From 10:00 pm

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