Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tokyo April

April in Tokyo has brought all sorts of randomness, with extreme weather changes, friends (as well as sakura) coming and going, a perfect balance between work and play (both very hard), and lots of found little gems in this city that makes my head spin, but that I simply adore so much. 

Here are some April bits and pieces.

I was a model for a magazine photo shoot,
posing as Sofia Coppola. I was shy but it was fun.

Chocolate cookie crumble + pudding,
have you tried it? Maybe only in Japan.

The 9/11s took me for burgers + all you can drink.

Avocado burger at JS Burger café, not bad at all.

Chicken cutlet curry at 5am, Coco Ichibanya.
Keeping it classy, as always.

Trump House, Shibuya.
A baroque dream land.

More Trump House,  I like the red glow.

The best boom box in the world

Rob Judges rocking the streets of Shibuya
at 5:35 am
Sunday brunch:
iced coffee and raspberry oatmeal galette
This month you can get this cute iPhone pouch
if you buy a bottle of green tea

Sorry Suvi I mistakenly kept your
photos... please come back soon!
I think this photo perfectly captures a typical
Tokyo early morning, post-partying. Can you spot me?
(thanks, Misa!)

I worked the door at Trump but got a bit bored
A typical deadline week night: my beloved Macbook
and a salmon bento from the local shop

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