Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shimokitazawa Sunday: Yakiniku and Shisha

Vivian + kimchi, my long lost friend
(nails, NARS in Tokaido Express)

Although I reside in Shimokitazawa, I tend to go out mostly around Shibuya, therefore missing out on lots of local fun. Shimokitazawa is a trendy little area bursting with more food and drink options than anyone can imagine, and I love being introduced to them by fellow dwellers.

Sunday nights can be a little dreadful, so I happily joined my friends Tom and Yumeto for a dinner in our neighbourhood. After taking me to the 29th floor last Sunday, this time (one half of) the 9/11s took me to a basement- but the food and atmosphere were just as memorable.

We dined on yakiniku, which is a selection of grilled meats you can cook yourself at the table. It's a variation on the Korean dish, very similar but with a Japanese twist. In Korea, we usually wrap the meat in lettuce leaves, but in Japan we eat vegetables separately. We ordered some meat, along with a delicious salad and heaps of colourful vegetables: pumpkin (my favourite), mushrooms, tomatoes, okra, and of course kimchi. I love those leisurely meals where you can take time to grill everything and have a chat and drinks.

Afterwards, no one really felt like heading home straight away, so we walked up to the north side of Shimokitazwa, for some outdoorsy shisha (hookah) and hot cocoa. We picked the apple-flavoured kind, and drank the best (and cheapest!) cocoa I've ever had in Japan (or in my life). We tried (and failed) at making an origami cat, but had the most delightful Shimokitazawa Sunday.

Sunday night outfit: M by MJ tee,
courtesy of my housemate Kazu

The yakiniku restaurant is located on the south side of Shimo,
and next to Club Annie. Let's go there next?

Tom presenting the vegetables

Yumeto with the meat, about to be cooked

I love kimchi and I miss Korea sometimes

Grilled mini corn and okra, or Okra Winfrey

Using scissors to cut the meat, memories of Seoul

Shisha café, Shimokitazawa
Hot cocoa, rich and frothy

The failed origami cat.

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