Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sakura and Hanafubuki

Hanafubuki. I want to bathe in sakura

Hanafubuki 花吹雪 is a Japanese word which literally means "falling of cherry blossoms". It's one of my favourite Japanese words, as I like the sound and especially the idea. Hanafubuki is a little bit sad, but oh so beautiful.

Hanami season has come to an end, and the cherry blossom flowers are naturally falling from the trees, a mere few days after blooming: that's how ephemeral they are. The ground is covered with pink petals, and I think I like hanafubuki even better than the actual hanami part.

I took part in various hanami gatherings over the course of the season, and my favourite was a nighttime viewing and strolling along the river in Nakameguro. The flowers looked even more gorgeous in the glow of the red lanterns, and there is something magical about the overall atmosphere.

This hanami season was one of the happiest, leisurely and decadent, but also one of the saddest I've had in Japan, as I hate farewells. Somehow, the arrival of spring, and a hazy, fun-filled holiday with friends is pretty soothing.

Here are some photos of various hanami events:

Tokyo Tower and cherry trees at Shiba Koen

Sakura come in different shades of pink

The obligatory conbini stop for drinks + self portrait

Daytime at Nakameguro. That photo became famous.

Crowded hanami at Yoyogi Koen

Prince Ness's last day + leisurely afternoon

The view from my bedroom window, lovely

Nightime hanami in Nakameguro

Flowers + Meguro river

With Tim, late Sunday hanami-ing

With Sophia, happy times

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I would love to visit Japan at this time of year, looks so beautiful!