Monday, April 23, 2012

I made Yakisoba

I like this bowl. 

Yakisoba is a delicious Japanese dish, made of fried noodles and vegetables, and any meat or fish you like. It's very easy to make, not to mention cheap. Surprisingly, the ingredients only cost me a total of ¥400, so if you are broke in Japan, make yakisoba and you won't feel so deprived.

Yakisoba is typically served at summer festivals, where rows of colourful stalls serve the spicy dish. It always reminds me of summer and those peaceful Shikoku nights, where my friend taught me how to make it.

Here is my own version, it's very simple.


- clove of garlic
- small onion
- shredded cabbage
- carrots (sliced)
- bean sprouts
- mushrooms

[I simply bought a bag of those mixed vegetables, shhhh]

- tofu (cubed)

[I don't eat so much meat, but you can put beef or chicken. Another version I love is with shrimp or octopus.]

- soba (buckwheat flour) or egg noodles
- yakisoba sauce (you can recognize it as it's dark brown and also used for pork cutlets and is a variant of Worcestershire sauce, sweetened)

Just stir fry everything together on medium heat, and garnish with ginger. Typically, yakisoba is topped with mayonnaise and seaweed powder, but I didn't use them.

Eat it!!

I hope my Japanese friends would approve of my version.

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Michi said...

This looks delicious! I'll occasionally make my own various versions of sushi and tempura, but I'd like to start trying out more Japanese recipes, though it can be a bit tricky finding the ingredients in Spain.