Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fashimi + Lost in Translation

Horsing Around

What happens when you mix foodie blogger Sophia of Fashimi and Vivian from Lost in Translation in Tokyo for a week?

Answer: gourmet indulgences, shopping, cocktails, nail polish, playfulness, Easter eggs, green tea, onigiri,  train rides, sleep overs, burgers, pizza, coloured tights and 6am ramen, a race through the Park Hyatt's cocktail list, and other antics I prefer not to mention.

Although Sophia sadly went back to Tokyo last Sunday and we've now both been sick with stomach aches (see aforementioned food adventures perhaps?), it was the best holiday frenzy two girls could hope for, and it was difficult to wake up at 6am all week, with the reminders that it was the time we would usually go to bed while she visited.

Pure Tokyo madness.

Click to view her gorgeous photos of her Tokyo diaries, part 1 and part 2.

I miss you Sophia!! xx


Fashimi said...

I think it's post Japan food withdrawal that's left my belly sad.

I miss youuuuu! x

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the day when I'll get to do my very own Tokyo Diary!