Sunday, April 29, 2012

Audio | The Haçienda Oiso Music Festival

This weekend, we kicked off Golden Week (and summertime!) with the Haçienda Oiso Music Festival, in the beachside city of Oiso, about two hours south of Tokyo.

The festival headlined ex-Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook, along with The Charlatans, The Whip, and an array of DJs including my friends. Haçienda Festival took place poolside at The Prince Hotel, with a beautiful beach backdrop, and offered a few different outdoor and indoor stages. I was lucky to be able to attend both days and explore the backstage area, but all the fun took place on the dance floors, and beachside sipping on drinks.

I love any opportunity to take trips and attend concerts, and the whole journey was rather epic, from the long train rides to the endless dancing until our feet hurt. I'm happy for my HMS Control friends, who had the chance to perform as part of this festival, and who playfully entertained the crowd (and had their own little onstage party). My highlights included most DJ sets, a Peter Hook rendition of "Love Will Tear Us Apart", smuggled bottles, as well as a rather intriguing dance performance by Bez.

The weekend was filled to the brim with dancing, sun, palm trees, blue skies, cocktails of all sorts, friends, tee-shirts, and great music. It was hot, it was tiring, but it's one of my most memorable weekends in Japan.

The best kind, thank you Haçienda!

Day 1: My hair was unusually fluffy

Peter Hook's equipment, backstage
Day 2: Tokaido line + iced coffee

Bacardi Mojitos on the Tokaido line.
Hey, it's a long trip.

We finally made it to the beach!

Poolside and beachside

Pure beach bliss (and a background hunk)

Mike and the box of HMS tee-shirts

Backstage boozing (Orangina was spiked)

The boys of HMS Control: Matthew, Jake and Mike

These Charming Men (I'll never get tired of this caption)

Mike having a blast onstage

Groupie much? Thanks for the tee-shirt!

Tom of the 9/11s, dancing the day away

My sunglasses, and a beautiful chest

Pole dancing was part of the festival

By the end of Day 2, my hair was questionable

Pools, beach, palm trees, summertime.

Jake and Mike. My sunnies got passed around.
Skateboarders, hello.

I like watching skateboarders and winking
Sleepy at Oiso station, dreading a two-hour train journey

Re-energized at Shibuya station

The night ended with pizza and Geordie Shore

Many thanks to Haçienda and to all my friends!


Judith said...

1) I would have been in Oiso this weekend had I known Peter Hook would be playing Love will tear us apart.
2) I would go to Tokyo for that pizza.

Vivian said...


1) I wish you came!! It was AMAZING!!! I knew he'd play "Love Will Tear Us Apart", sounded quite great.

2) It's Domino's (*blush*) you can probably order it around Osaka :)


Michi said...

Festival-ing season begins!! Love it. There's a Nowhere Festival going on in Spain at the moment, and different events go on all summer. Debating, debating. I really need to just take work off and go!

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