Friday, April 6, 2012

And we were never being boring.

First week in Japan, fresh off the plane

I love those pictures, we look so young

Today my friend Mike left Japan. He was my closest friend here, and he had become my family as well. We arrived on the very same day in Japan a little over two years ago, and had been inseparable since then, even though we lived in different parts of Japan at times.

Mike was like my big brother, and we looked out for each other. The hours we spent talking on the phone and texting, whether we exchanged mindless banter or deeper musings, always were so comforting and familiar. He kept the (bad) boys away from me, even though I would usually find a way to get to them. He let me keep his red and white tee-shirt for ages when I was heartbroken and going out of my mind in the rice fields. He came to visit me in lonely Shikoku, but we also stayed up all night dancing and roaming the streets of Tokyo and Osaka until the early hours. He always played a song for me when he DJed, knowing it would make me so happy. We had all those funny little bits only him and I would understand. He stayed in my tiny Osaka apartment during the earthquake. He introduced me to all the most delightful and obscure music that constantly play in my ears now. All the day trips we took, the silly photo shoots, the bentos we ate on tatami floors. I don't want this to end.

I've never known Japan without Mike in it, and I suddenly have to do this on my own. I'm completely heartbroken and I will miss him so much, but will always look back so fondly on all those memories and feel amazingly lucky we created such strong ties, and this kind of friendship I never thought I could have with a boy.

We'll always have Japan.

When I first moved to Tokyo last summer

He showed me how to DJ (but I mostly just got the drinks)

Posing in Nakameguro

A rainy day in Kobe

The Aokigahara day trip, good times


Shibuya nights, and good byes.


Michi said...

It's amazing the strong bonds we build with people, and the ones we make abroad seem to always hold the dearest spots in our hearts and memory. Discovering a foreign land and culture together, the indispensable support you get throughout, and just having someone you can go back and share those memories with, is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vivian, I know how sad you must feel right now :-( It's always so sad when an era ends and you have to say goodbye to a way of life with a dear friend...

But no matter how far apart you'll be in the future, friendships like the one you two share never end.

Judith said...

I haven't been here long enough to really have lost any close friends here, but reading posts like this reminds me how quickly life can change when you live abroad. It was always entertaining to read about your adventures with him, and I know this won't be the last post we see about him.
On another note, I saw a magazine called Tokyo ViVi at Family mart and it made me laugh. You have your own magazine now!

Desmond said...

This is a wonderful tribute. People really do make the place, don't they? No matter what city, or what part of the world you're in.

Vivian said...

Thanks for your kind words! Indeed, discovering a foreign land together makes the bond so much stronger, and all those memories. That's life.... Hello's and goodbyes :)