Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tokyo Weekday Play

Tokyo has been a little shaky lately (literally) - more than usual- and any weekday impromptu play is welcome to spruce up an otherwise uneventful week.

 I dig adorable packages, and Bambi is one of my favourite characters. This is a box of caramel chocolate.

 TOPSHOP/TOPMAN completely remodeled their (formerly small) Harajuku branch, and I think the staff there knows my name and my size. Just preparing for upcoming Fashion Week...

I'm dying to get this very shiny and very impractical dress. It's not going to happen but I love trying it on every time I shop there, in all the different colours. I wonder if it's wearable outside of a skating rink, but one can always dream.

My quest for the best breakfasts in Tokyo continues, it's the best assignment I've ever had, and my latest obsession is the charming Café Celi in Ebisu, kinship of French luxury house Celine. I recommend the French toast (with Canadian maple syrup!) and cappuccino.

 My Shikoku friend Jen came to visit last week: she gave me those gorgeous flowers, and we got into all kinds of trouble involving matching pink skirts, breakfast wine, homemade pizza and photo shoots.

I ate curry pan in Shibuya, basically a fried bread with curry inside, a delectable little snack for the mere sum of ¥200.

 My friend Mike and I went shopping at Kinji in Harajuku, a secondhand store we both love. We can spend hours there trying ridiculous things and taking pictures.

Mike broke his sunglasses but insisted on wearing them. I love our weekday friend dates, and I will miss those so much.

Oh right- yesterday in Japan was White Day, a month after Valentine's Day, where boys reciprocate on the chocolate they were given. I did not give any chocolate, but I was given this charming man by a kind and thoughtful friend, which was way better than chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, you need to get that dress. I looooove it. Anything goes at fashion week, right?