Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tokyo Events: Sniff Sniff presents Roarrr

... and this time, Sniff Sniff moves to Aoyama, for a refreshing change of venue.

Sniff Sniff is a fun Tokyo party, and that's where I met a lot of my (now) closest friends when I first moved to Tokyo, so it always holds a special place, and veteran Tokyoite Mr. Sniff Sniff (aka Trent) also knows how to throw a party... or two.

Once again it will feature excellent DJs such as guest Kenji Takimi and my friend (and fellow Canadian) Bryan Butcher, as well as regulars Unusual Club.

The new venue, Chambre D'Hotes Hana is a few steps away from Shibuya (or Omotesando exit B1), and I'm really curious about it as I heard great things, so you should venture out and come dance all night, or at least say hello.

The event is tomorrow (3/9), starts at 11:00 pm and as usual ends at sunrise...

** oh, and a special shout out to the lovely girl who came up to me at Echo last Saturday to say hello (thankfully before I had too many of whatever I had that night), please please email me as I really want to hang out with you!

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Tabby O said...

I am taking notes on all the fun bars/clubs you go to, can't wait to try them out on my vaca!