Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring on Omotesando

Jeans + ballerina flats = spingtime

Spring is a gorgeous time in Japan, albeit short-lived before it suddenly gets unbearably hot in the early summer months. The cherry trees are not quite in bloom yet, but the days are longer and I just want to be outside all day, whether I'm running in early morning or wandering the streets before dusk.

A few days ago I sauntered around Omotesando 表参道, which is my favourite street in Tokyo. It's wide and lined with large Zelkova trees, and bordered with enough luxury boutiques to make a fashionista's head spin. Omotesando features some of the most interesting architecture in the city.

My friend and I enjoyed the sun on a late afternoon perched on the top of a building overlooking Aoyama and offering a spectacular view of the city, at a café named "Two Rooms". We sat outdoors on plush chairs, on a terrace right on the edge of the building, next to an infinity pool. It was a bit chilly but blankets were provided and it felt like an actual vacation.

In other news, I've been drinking colourful beverages and not wearing socks and painting my nails a pale yellow and staying up late at night but waking up at dawn to go running. It's springtime.

Omotesando station

The view at Two Rooms

Lazy afternoon girls

Tokyo over an infinity pool

Orangina, welcome to Japan. Finally!

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