Monday, March 5, 2012

Socks, tights, shoes

Tokyo is home to the latest trends, but it's also the city where just anything goes. Part of my work involves writing about fashion, which can be a difficult task as Tokyo is extremely eclectic and follows its own rules- or rather, does not follow any kind of rules, despite having mass trends. Although my own style is pretty classic, I like to add playful items:

1. Socks

In Osaka I saw you last
I love wearing knee-high socks in spring and fall, with flats.

American Apparel
I also like short socks with a lace or frilly trim to wear with sandals, wedges, or any heels or flats.

2. Tights

Tights, TopShop

Suspender tights are pretty popular in Tokyo. I had to try them, but I always feel slightly inappropriate wearing them out. What do you think?

a) Tokyo only
b) Bedroom only
c) Acceptable

Surprisingly. most of my female friends love them while my male friends think they're a tad, well.... you know. I did wear them out and it was fine, I think it depends on the rest of the outfit. I like them paired with a really casual t-shirt, cut-offs, and a blazer, or just a conservative dress to balance it out.

Autumn favourites

I also like coloured tights, and deep red is my go-to colour when I want to spruce up a black or navy outfit. I like this colour paired with lilac and pale pink.

I don't wear tutus on a daily basis

White tights always remind me of being a little girl or a ballerina, and they feel very wholesome, but perfect for daytime or paired with a lacy top.

Black + white

And of course the two-toned tights, that sometimes make me feel conspicuous but that also add an edge to my otherwise monochromatic ensembles.

3. Shoes
Sorry tatami for the awful things I've put you through 

Although I mostly live in ballerina flats and ankle boots, wedges are my favourite shoes: can be worn on a daily basis and instantly dress up an outfit, and are great for a night out as they're comfortable and stable (unless you're stumbling home past 3 am in the downhill slopes of Shimokitazawa. Then again I wouldn't know).

I blame everything on the shoes.

PS- I deserve much credit for all the uncomfortable photo booth shots of tights... I really don't just lie around like that all day, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Ha, we have very similar taste in shoes (though I'm not surprised). I live in flats, ankle boots and wedges. Dying for some new wedges for the spring, I just have to find the right pair now!

I would answer C to the suspender tights question. As long as they are paired with an appropriate outfit. Then again, not sure I could ever pull them off.

Christine loves to Travel said...

Love your tights especially the black with a ribbon but I personally would only wear that one in the bedroom. But that's just me!


Tini said...

Oooooh!!! I know your entry is about socks, tights and shoes (and they are all os very pretty!)...but I loooove your dress in the first photo!! You look stunning!!! <3

Michi said...

I love your style - very feminine and classic. I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what new outfits you have up your sleeve!