Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrocks and Korean Food

Saturday Night in Tokyo

Although St. Patrick's Day is not widely celebrated in Japan, any occasion is good to celebrate, whether we're Irish or not. Of all my friends who gathered on Saturday afternoon to drink Guinness and wear green, only one was Irish. Regardless, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, and throwing back frothy beer was the best way to spend a rainy afternoon in Tokyo.

The festivities, also celebrating my friends' joint birthdays, continued until the late hours of the night, with a Korean feast at Spicy Spicy in Shibuya, some of the best Korean food I've had in Japan, on par with what's offered in Shin-Okubo (Korea Town, near Shinjuku). We ate pretty much everything featured on the menu, from grilled meat, kimchi, Korean pancake jeon, tofu and seafood stew, to copious amounts of soju. Eating Korean foods always brings back so many memories of my life there, no matter how far away it seems.

And like any typical Japan night out, we ended the night with the quintessential karaoke, with ten of us crammed into one pretty lavish, Lost in Translation-esque room, belting out a pretty wide selection of English and Japanese hits. A special mention to those who sang along to "Ponponpon" (I highly recommend clicking on the link for a psychedelic little trip), and to my own B52s "Love Shack" duet with my friend Jake (who would have taken way better pictures than my own...).

I've been enjoying those fun outings and gatherings with a group of close friends, which are somewhat more pleasant than the random anonymous nightclub scene.

Pre-drinking MUJI snack, coating my stomach with sugar

Frothy, delicious, bitter Guinness

The 9/11s were there, I love them! When are we making a video?!

My idea of wearing green

He also joined the party.

Fellow Canadian Bryan sporting my hometown's pride (?)

Boys in a green sheen

Kimchi + grilled meat

Tofu + seafood stew

The real deal

Some of the birthday boys

Can you guess the song? 

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