Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ponyo + Postcards + Yokohama

Some nights I stay in, dress up, take tights photos and watch "Gake no ue no Ponyo", or simply "Ponyo"- I highly recommend watching this film.

Goodbye, winter. This is the post card I sent to Isabel, we both love swans since we rode one last summer on the pond at Inokashira Koen. Fun summer memories.

The cherry blossoms are a day or two late. Drama! I'm waiting. In the meantime, feasting on these.

I ate several oysters lately, I like seafood.

 I went to Yokohama at nighttime, it offers a nice view.

Sometimes my room is hungover: I spy unmade bed + green tea + Nutella + attempted writing.

I have been loving this Faye Wong "Dreams" version from Chungking Express for ages, but lately re-surfaced thanks to 2Princes.

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