Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Another Shibuya Night

That's what we do, we sit there and have friends photo shoots

1 Princess + 2 Princes

I love those photos so much.

I'll always look back so fondly on those Tokyo nights with those two. Hanging around Shibuya, having street drinks on a makeshift bar facing Shibuya crossing, waxing poetics about growing up and good emo versus bad emo and things that don't make as much sense in broad daylight.

Last night I went to a concert by a Japanese band I love, Miaou, then saw a performance by Kitsuné DJ Gildas (and manager of French group Daft Punk). My friends from HMS Control were also playing, which always makes for a fun dance floor.

The long walk home (before sunrise!) was accompanied by pain au chocolat, which was supposed to be saved for breakfast but I could not wait any longer.

Thanks to Rob for the pics.

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valerie said...

I was on the guest list for that event but i bailed at the last minute lol...would have been hilarious to see you there