Monday, March 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Front 2012

Sakura Front.... dun dun dun

Sakura さくら (cherry blossom flowers) is a serious matter in Japan. Each year, the JWA (Japan Weather Association) publishes a map, which accurately forecasts the dates during which the cherry flowers will be in bloom.

The cherry blossoms start appearing at the end of March for the southern prefectures of the country, and continue to bloom as late as the month of May for the northern part of the country. I love how sakura is so important in Japan, I've been here for over two years now and it's my favourite time of the year. The flowers are very ephemeral so there's only a short window to view them.

It's also my very first hanami (flower viewing) season in Tokyo, I feel lucky I was able to experience previous ones in Shikoku and Kansai. According to the map, cherry flowers will be in bloom around March 31st, with their peak the first weekend of April.

MUJI even released its yearly sakura roll cake, which I recommend trying, it's available at their shops and Family Mart convenience stores. Chains such as Starbucks usually release a limited edition sakura drink, which tastes like... a sweet, flowery blend. I have not seen it this year yet.

My favourite March snack

Get your drinks, snacks and blankets ready.


Kristina said...
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Kristina said...

so beautiful, would love to visit one day during cherry blossom time :) enjoy! and take many pictures!!

Mizi Moo said...

Hanami on Miajima is one of my best memories from living in Japan! I miss Hanami!

Vivian said...

thank you!! hanami is the best time of the year, and i'll take several pictures :)

Unknown said...

Hi Vivian,
I commented about Morrissey a few weeks ago on one of your posts. Anyways I'm envious that you'll soon get to experience Hanami season. When I Lived in Himeji I used to love to hang out at the castle eating, drinking, playing badminton and of course enjoying the flowers, sometimes with friends, sometimes with random strangers who became friends for a few hours. Have fun and try a sakura flavored kit-kat if you haven't already!