Saturday, March 10, 2012


A year ago today, a major earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, and parts of the country were completely devastated. Lives were lost, and lives were forever changed. Thankfully Japan got back on its feet rather swiftly, and the affected area is slowly recovering (click to see images a year later).

The weeks that followed the earthquake were some of the most unsettling, due to all the damages, death toll, and nuclear fear. I will always remember that time as one of the loneliest, scariest, and most isolating I've ever experienced as well. I never wanted to mention it as my family and friends were already so worried, but my strong dislike for my life in Osaka probably stemmed from that very episode.

Yet, it was also a time when friends and family became closer and ties were created. Tokyo friends came to stay with me, which brought comfort and closeness into my lonely Osaka apartment, and friendships were created and solidified. 

My own experience was absolutely minor in the scale of things, but I like to believe that major disasters such as this one do bring some positive aspects out of people and out of life, whether it's about how people coped or how the country amazingly recovered since then.



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