Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tokyo Events: Roarrr

Photo by Sophia!

I often receive messages from readers and friends, asking me about Tokyo's nightlife and party recommendations. Music is the most important part for me, so I like to attend events which feature great DJs.

This Friday, my friend Trent (and Sniff Sniff organizer extraordinaire) is throwing a party called "Roarrr" at Trump Room, presenting a handful a great DJs on two different floors. I've always had such a blast at the past Sniff Sniff parties, as seen here and here. Those parties will always bring back memories of first moving to Tokyo and all the excitement of this crazy city, hanging out and dancing with Sophia, and meeting loads of new friends who came and went. 

My dear friends Rob and Mike from 2Princes are DJing that night, and as usual I know they'll play an incredible set (and I cannot thank Prince Ness enough for always sneaking in a song in there he knows I love). Fellow Tokyo dwellers Paul and S├ębastien from Unusual Club will also be performing, along with one of Tokyo's most famous fashion bloggers, Misha from Tokyo Fashion Diaries. A string of other famous Tokyo and guest DJs will be playing as well, making it another memorable night I'm sure.

Well, this is an invitation. If you live in Tokyo or are visiting Japan at the moment, please drop by this event, come say hello and come dancing, I promise it will be good. It starts at 11pm, so be prepared for an all nighter, Tokyo style!

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